Traffic Applications


PREMARK® ViziGrip - preformed thermoplastic with high skid resistance

PREMARK® ViziGrip Preformed Symbols, sheets and lines are providing higher retroreflectivity and skid resistance for ‘High Risk’ areas. 

ViziGrip is a unique feature of PREMARK® designed to ensure that skid resistance and retroreflectivity are maximized especially where loss of traction in wet conditions is of major concern. ViziGrip can be added to any of the PREMARK® lines, symbols, signs and other designs.

PREMARK® ViziGrip enhancing skid resistance

For enhanced skid/slip resistance, Preformed Markings recommend using PREMARK® ViziGrip in areas with pedestrian and cyclist traffic such as crossings, cycle paths as well as parking facilities.