TacPad® - domed tactile markings


TacPad® signifies a safe route for the blind and visually impaired when travelling alone.

TacPad® is a preformed thermoplastic tactile, in a domed profile, making it possible for those with limited sight to both feel the surface and to be aware of a different sound when tapped with their stick. By comparison, concrete tactiles produce no audible contrast to an existing footpath.

The installation of TacPad® is quick and clean, requiring no excavation of an existing surface, no investment in specialised plant or tools, and requiring very limited traffic management. The results are immediate, and footpaths can be reopened within an hour of completion.

TacPad® is available in a range of standardised and approved designs, domed for footpath use, plus alternate designs for ‘off highway’ use, railway platforms for example. Please click on the links below for specific uses.