Liquid Products


Our Liquid Products are the answer for increasing safety requirements and increased traffic density.

They give optimal results on many different application areas.


1-Component solvent borne road marking paint with low content of organic solvents. Suitable for pneumatic and airless spray application. To be used on concrete and bituminous surfaces.

PlastiRoute® RollPlast

A solvent-free road marking material that cures via peroxide initiator. We recommend it as a permanent marking with anti-slip properties for cycle paths, public places, exhibition areas and playgrounds. It has been developed for hand application with paint rollers on asphalt as well as on concrete with use of a primer. Rollplast is the optimum solution for coloured undercoats beneath Premark® or DecoMark® symbols.

PlastiRoute® RollGrip

As with the RollPlast® a solvent-free Road Surfacing material that cures via peroxide initiator. It has been developed for large scale markings with strong anti-slip properties and high durability. Using Paint Rollers can be applied very fast on asphalt as well as on concrete using primer. Premark traffic symbols can easily be applied on top.

PlastiRoute® Adhesive

Based on a solvent free 2-component cold plastic glue, this system achieves sand paper like friction due to mixing with and drop on of coloured coarse Bauxit. This “Rolls-Royce” of grip offers interesting colour combinations from signal colours up to natural colours. On demand we colour the base glue PlastiRoute® Adhesive according to your bauxite, thereby increasing the colourtone.


The environmentally beneficial road marking system
AquaRoute® UWS-BST is the ideal water dilutable marking-material if it needs to be fast. With changing weather conditions and a risk of spontaneous rain showers, the drying time is less than 1 minute. AquaRoute® UWS-BST can be applied on all traffic areas either directly or after primering. Being environmentally friendly and with its ease of application, customers value the performance of AquaRoute® UWS-BST.