Make the horizontal surface beautiful. To look at a dark and boring surface is not an inspiring way of living, so why not put colours on the surface and make it more special and beautiful?

The creative and decorative DecoMark® markings provide solutions for individual and special designs of logos, games and much more.

Your imagination is the only limit!

DecoMark® provides many advantages over traditional painted or hot applied systems

  • Colourful with high UV resistance – The colours stay bright and shiny for a long time.
  • DecoMark® is available in 18 colours, which makes it easier to design decorative and inspiring signs and symbols. The colourful DecoMark® symbols spread happiness and inspiration to everyone.
  • Flexible and durable – Smaller details and curving shapes are possible with flexible DecoMark®. Although DecoMark® is a thin material it is still a durable solution when decorating the surface.
  • Non Toxic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Contains no lead or chromates
  • Colour Guaranteed
  • Lasts 10 times longer than paint

Why not use DecoMark® – for decorative marking on a more permanent basis?

DecoMark® – The perfect solution for long term educational play

DecoMark® provides a bright and durable surface that allows interactive play from active children. The steadfast colours are retained regardless of weather conditions and frequency of use, and form a firm foundation for active and educational play.

Whether it be designed to encourage counting, the alphabet or reading, or simply for play, DecoMark® provides the perfect solution in all circumstances. Designs can be supplied in a preformed, easy to lay ‘kit’ or in packs of sheets, lines or rolls for bespoke application.

Please follow the links below to see examples of the range of suitable markings, and remember, ‘Learning starts at the school gates and not just in the classroom’.

DecoMark® – Horizontal Marketing solutions

In a world where branding is everything, DecoMark® can be used to provide horizontal markings, duplicating the brand image, and further promoting that brand to every visitor. Whether it is a brand or company name, a single logo or a tag line, DecoMark® will provide a long term solution to corporate advertising and brand promotion.

DecoMark® – Public Art – Make every footpath or highway a gallery of colour and innovative design

DecoMark® has been selected as the product of choice for many Public Art and graphic design projects, throughout the whole of Europe. Limited only by imagination, the range of colours and the ability to provide precision cut designs, allows the artist free licence to create the desired effect.

DecoMark® can be used to create a complete metamorphosis of a pedestrianised area, providing bright colours and intense artistic design to what was normally a drab and dull canvas. With the guarantee of colour fastness, you can be assured that the design will retain its initial impact for many years to come.